Genius hour blog #2

So far I have found the materials I need to buy at the store. I need plastic tires, little block of wood, nails, and some other stuff. I have decided on a decal. I am thinking on coloring the car blue and putting some white strips in the middle of the car. I might change the decal but, so far that is my choice. I have learned that there actually is a lot of stuff you have to do to build this thing. I also learned that there are a lot of decals that you can choose from. You can buy stickers to put in the car or you can paint your own decal on there. I have learned that I am pretty good at finding out where to find the stuff I need. This website is where I found all of my information It tell you how to build the car, how to make your car go fast, and some extra stuff to make your car seem better. Some obstacles I have had is trying to pick a cool decal because some of them are hard to make and some of them are boring and stupid. This next week I might gather all of my materials. I will not start to build it. I might still look for a better decal.

Genius hour project

I am doing a genius hour project for my class. I will be making a small wood car at home. My material I need for this car are wood, plastic, paint, screws, nails, and a saw. I might use some other stuff also. My big question is will I be able to make this car and can I find a cool decal and make it. One more question is if it goes down a ramp. For the next week I will be gathering my materials and looking up cool decals to paint the car. I might start to build it. My parents will probably help me with knowing how to build it. I do not have an idea on how it will look. I have not looked at any decals yet. I might color it blue with some other attachments to it. I will also try to make it go as fast as it can go. This was my first entry on my genius blog.

Spring Break

During Spring Break I did a lot of stuff. My parents paid for me to to on a Washington D.C. We had to take a charter bus to Washington D.C. I packed a suit case full of clothes and snacks on the way there. I also brought a duffle bag for on the bus ride with some clothes, snacks, and some other stuff. We got on the bus we sat down and waved our parents goodbye. Our bus had almost all the boys. We also had the crap bus. All the other buses had leather seats, cup holders, wood floors, a lot of outlets, and a lot of movie screens. The only thing we had was a few outlets, very uncomfortable seats, and some movie players. One of the movie players screens did not even work. It was a long ride there. When we finally got there we walked around in the capital. After that we went to go back on the bus to the hotel. We grabbed all of our stuff and went to our rooms and went to bed. The next day we had breakfast and went to D.C. We say some monuments like the world war 2 memorial. We at lunch and say some more monuments and memorials. When we at supper and I bought a suvenoiur. Then we did that for the other 2 days. After those 2 days we went back home.3664385777_2a1dc84a33_z (2)

good bye blogging

I have done 5 or 6 blogs. There are only 1 school based and all the others are my own interest. I had 3 to comments, one was from a teacher and the others from kids. The post that had the most comments was my post about french fries. I think I got some comments because a lot of people like french fries. I did not change the blog theme because I don’t know how to. I liked my Adrian Peterson post because all of my other post are not very good. I don’t know how many widgets I have because I don’t know what widgets are. I have no people over seas that I have in my blog. I use flicker to get my pictures and that’s how I get creativity in my blogs.


This blog is about nature so i’m going to write about when I go camping. I go camping during summer break in June or July. I go with my family in Okoboji. We have a camper that is called a Jayflight. We got our camper from Webster city. We go to two different campsites. We go to Emerson bay and Gull Point. Both of the campsites are close to each other. Gull Point is my favorite and my dads because it is sucluded and there it actually feels like your in a forest with nobody there. It is also very quiet there. On the forth of July it was very loud and there were parties all over the place. The DNR had to kick out some people because of some reason that I don’t know. It is a long way into gull point. There is a plain in the area on in and there is usually deer on the way in. We go swimming at the beaches there if our uncle is there. Some days our family will go out on the boat and go fishing. One time I caught a 11.8 pound channel catfish. If you want to stay at some places at okoboji here is a link Okoboji Tourism: Best of Okoboji, IA – TripAdvisor. Where to find where Gull Point here is a link Gull Point State Park, IA – Campground & Camping Details – ReserveAmerica – [IA]. The other camp site I go to is Emerson Bay. It was a very neat foresty place but, the people who own it didi some changes. There is still some forest and I usually go down there. There is a beach here but, I don’t go to it because ti is very dirty. There is a very big plain next to where I camp and I go hangout there. The campsite is right next to the lake. The nature there is fun to be around and it is cool.

pic by: bev sykes

pic by: bev sykes

pic by: mary fairchild

pic by: mary fairchild

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french fries

French fries are very popular in my family. Usually my family gets them when we go out to eat somewhere. I put french fries on my ham burgers and other stuff. French fries are made from cut up potatoes then they are fried in a deep fryer. My mom does not make then handmade. She goes and buys them from the store. There are different kinds of french fries like curly fries, crinkle cut fries, chicken fries, waffle fries, steak fries and ect. When we go to hardees I usually get curly fries. McDonalds has good fries that they sell. There is a place called Jethros all over Iowa that sells good waffle fries with a pork tenderloin the size of the plate. Usually french fries are sold as a side on the restraunt menu in some places. You can also get french fries in different size of cups like small, extra small, medium large, and extra large. A lot of people eat then with ranch, ketchup, mustard and other stuff. People can also get fat if they eat to many french fries. They have also been around for a long time. My family likes french fries and so do I.

photo by: brett Jordan

photo by: brett Jordan

Adrian Peterson

This is a blog about Adrian Peterson. He has had a rough life. Recently he was convicted for hitting his child with a stick so he had to do so community service. He watch his older brother die from a drunk driver. Six years later his dad was arrested for having money that was connected to a drug deal. After all of that happened he went to Palestine high school and did track and basketball. Later he became the starter running back. In his college years he could out run any defender in football. He rushed a number of 1,925 yards when he was a freshmen. When he was a sophmore he broke his ankle and was out for 4 games. Later he came back and was drafted to the Vikings NFL football team. He ran 12 touchdowns as a rookie. He was named offensive rookie of the year in 2007. He is one of my favorite players in NFL history.

photo by: Joe Bielawa

photo by: Joe Bielawa


Hi my name is Colten and i’m writing about bullying. There are a lot of kids that get bullied world wide. Over 3.2 million people get bullied each year. Some kids don’t even know their being bullied.There are a lot of types of types of bullying like cyber bullying, physical bullying and verbal bullying. Cyber bullying is when someone can say mean thing about you on the internet. It does not have to be through the internet, it can be through a text also. If your getting cyber bullied then talk to your parents or someone you trust and they will do something about it. Another type of bullying is physical bullying. Most of the time the same victim keeps getting bullied. Physical bulling is a contact bullying. It’s like hitting and kicking others. The bully will also steal from the victim. Most of the time bullying happens in school. Bullying mostly accures in middle school and high school. Some signs of physical bullying is bruises, cuts, and unexplained injuries. Another type of bullying is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is talking in person and saying mean thing to the other person. A type of verbal bullying is gossip. Gossip usually accures with girl but it can accure with guys too. Some ways to solve verbal bullying is you can tell someone that someone is bullying you

My Life

Hi my name is Colten and I am 13 years old. I have one brother and his name is Collin. He is in 5th grade. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite NFL football team is Vikings. My favorite collage team is Iowa State. I also play football an I am a lineman.