Spring Break

During Spring Break I did a lot of stuff. My parents paid for me to to on a Washington D.C. We had to take a charter bus to Washington D.C. I packed a suit case full of clothes and snacks on the way there. I also brought a duffle bag for on the bus ride with some clothes, snacks, and some other stuff. We got on the bus we sat down and waved our parents goodbye. Our bus had almost all the boys. We also had the crap bus. All the other buses had leather seats, cup holders, wood floors, a lot of outlets, and a lot of movie screens. The only thing we had was a few outlets, very uncomfortable seats, and some movie players. One of the movie players screens did not even work. It was a long ride there. When we finally got there we walked around in the capital. After that we went to go back on the bus to the hotel. We grabbed all of our stuff and went to our rooms and went to bed. The next day we had breakfast and went to D.C. We say some monuments like the world war 2 memorial. We at lunch and say some more monuments and memorials. When we at supper and I bought a suvenoiur. Then we did that for the other 2 days. After those 2 days we went back home.3664385777_2a1dc84a33_z (2)

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