Genius hour blog #2

So far I have found the materials I need to buy at the store. I need plastic tires, little block of wood, nails, and some other stuff. I have decided on a decal. I am thinking on coloring the car blue and putting some white strips in the middle of the car. I might change the decal but, so far that is my choice. I have learned that there actually is a lot of stuff you have to do to build this thing. I also learned that there are a lot of decals that you can choose from. You can buy stickers to put in the car or you can paint your own decal on there. I have learned that I am pretty good at finding out where to find the stuff I need. This website is where I found all of my information It tell you how to build the car, how to make your car go fast, and some extra stuff to make your car seem better. Some obstacles I have had is trying to pick a cool decal because some of them are hard to make and some of them are boring and stupid. This next week I might gather all of my materials. I will not start to build it. I might still look for a better decal.

Genius hour project

I am doing a genius hour project for my class. I will be making a small wood car at home. My material I need for this car are wood, plastic, paint, screws, nails, and a saw. I might use some other stuff also. My big question is will I be able to make this car and can I find a cool decal and make it. One more question is if it goes down a ramp. For the next week I will be gathering my materials and looking up cool decals to paint the car. I might start to build it. My parents will probably help me with knowing how to build it. I do not have an idea on how it will look. I have not looked at any decals yet. I might color it blue with some other attachments to it. I will also try to make it go as fast as it can go. This was my first entry on my genius blog.